Three French Hens

A Limited Edition Original Work of Chicken Art 
by Jax Hamlin of Nonesuch

(click on drawing to see enlarged view)

About The Drawing
This first drawing in the Jax Hamlin limited edition series was commissioned by the Ohio artist, Garth Fout. Mr. Fout has the truly rare distinction of being the very first person in the whole world to buy a Jax Hamlin original. With the sale of this commissioned drawing, Jax Hamlin has moved from the amateur league of chicken art into the exciting big-league world of professional chicken artistry. Thank you Garth Fout!

Black pen and bright, colorfast pencil pigment on 28-pound white paper.

5” wide x 7” high

Limited Edition Quantity
( Click Here to read exactly what a Jax Hamlin Limited Edition Originals is)

Current Price
  $12.00, postage paid

  Sold Out

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