Into a world of mass production,
and mass marketing comes an idea
so contrary
that it is almost shocking...


Limited Edition  
Chicken Art

While many artists will sell signed, limited edition prints or machine-made copies of an original artwork, Jax Hamlin sells limited edition quantities of original art. This is practically unheard of in the art world.

What it means to you the buyer of a Jax Hamlin chicken drawing is that you are getting something undeniably special....

The basic composition and coloring of the drawing you purchase will be true to the photos shown on this web site, but because each drawing is not a copy, there will be ever-so-slight variations in the pen lines and coloring. The signed and numbered original you purchase will truly be one of a kind.

This approach to producing art is tedious and time consuming but honest and worthwhile for you the buyer. There is, however, one drawback... The availability of art may be sporadic. Clearly, at Jax Hamlin’s age, and with so many outside interests, Jax is not going to sit down in his farmhouse and crank out artwork for eight hours a day, six days a week.

Thus, if you go to purchase a particular Jax Hamlin original here on this web site, the “Availability” of the drawing will be listed as one of the following:

In Stock, Ready To Ship: This means I have some of the drawings on hand any your order will ship out promptly by First Class mail.

Temporarily Out Of Stock. Will Ship Within One Week: That means Jax is behind with his drawings but expects to have some ready to ship within the week.

Temporarily Out of Stock: Please Check Back For Availability: That means Jax is more than a week behind and isn’t sure when he will have time to get more drawings done. This is a real possibility during the summer months. But please do check back.

Sold Out: This means the limited editions have all been sold and there will be no more. Don’t let this happen to you. :-)

Also, keep in mind that, since the whole run of limited edition originals is not produced prior to making this art available here on the internet, and since Jax has agreed to supply me with limited edition originals as he has the time and inclination to do so, that means the actual number of limited edition of originals may end up being less than originally intended. After all, Jax isn't getting any younger (if you know what I mean).

There is one exception to all of this originality. Jax and I reserve the right to one day offer a line of printed note cards with Jax’s chicken art on the covers. Or, another idea we may pursue is a Jax Hamlin chicken coloring book for kids. But Jax Hamlin’s Limited Edition Originals will truly be limited to the number allotted at the time the drawing is first offered.

Thank you for your patronage of the chicken arts,

Herrick Kimball

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