Welcome to the
Whimsical World of
Jax Hamlin's Chicken Folk Art

—Updated: 7 June 2012—

This is the official Jax Hamlin web site. Here is where you can read a short biography that I've written about Jax and view his whimsical chicken art. 

Best of all, you can be a patron of the chicken arts by purchasing an affordable Jax Hamlin Limited Edition Original work of art. Jax's first drawing, Three French Hens, is now available for purchase online (Temporarily out of stock. Check back for availability).

Update: 6/7/12
This unique little spot on the web was started in 2010 with the intention of bringing several of Jax Hamlin's chicken art drawings to the market. But Jax got interested in other things and only produced one piece of chicken art for this site! 

He assures me that he will someday create more whimsical chicken drawings for chicken art aficionados. So I'm waiting patiently..... very patiently.... for that to happen.

It is my great pleasure to bring Jax's chickens out of Nonesuch and introduce them to the rest of the world here. I hope you will enjoy them.

Yours for whimsical chicken folk art,

Herrick Kimball